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Mr. Reid           Q – Z

Counsellors are here to help you with many aspects of school life. Find out who your counsellor is based on your last name. Visit the counselling centre and career centre by appointment or on a drop-in basis to receive information or educational planning, vocational planning, school problems and many other things that might affect your schooling.

The following services are available to students:


*helping students in dealing with personal concerns or problems which interfere with school progress and personal well-being.

*assisting students with medical and related concerns through regular involvement  with the nurses.

*referring to districts specialists, social workers and other community agencies, depending upon the student needs.

*consulting with parents regarding family problems.

Educational Guidance

*assisting students with personal program planning and course selection assessing academic difficulties and offering suggestions.

*providing post-secondary information through the maintenance of an up-to-date information helping students develop study skills.

Career guidance

*assisting students by explaining vocational interests, aptitudes, abilities, and vocational opportunities.

*providing information on careers and training programs

Financial Information

*making available information scholarships, grants, loans, and bursaries for high school and post secondary education.

*providing information about where to and how to apply for financial assistance.


4 thoughts on “Counsellors

  1. Hi, I’m contacting you on account that I’m thinking of transferring in the fall, I’m wondering if this school’s block schedule is on a semester basis, or if the courses are year-round.

  2. Hi,
    1. Does an ESL 3 student need to take provincial test? If so, how to register?
    2. Grade 10 ESL 3 student right now, When can the student take English 10?

    These questions are on behalf of a parent. Sorry I cannot find the counsellors personal email address so I am addressing the questions here. You can reply my email.


    • Hello,
      1. Regardless of the ESL level any students registered in a Provincial Examinable Course need to write the provincial exam. If the student is taking the course at Burnett then the school is responsible to register the student for the provincial exam.
      2. At Burnett, a student can only register in English 10 once he/she has successfully completed ESL4.
      If you have any other questions, please email

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