Buddy Program

We are excited to continue our volunteer opportunity for September 2016. This opportunity is open to present grade 10 and 11 students, who would be involved in being a Burnett Buddy to an incoming grade 8 student.

Buddies play an important role in the welcoming, transitioning, and adjustment of new grade 8 students to Burnett. Buddies are approachable and demonstrates good decision making and problem solving skills. They are knowledgeable about school activities, clubs, teams, and the day to day routine of a Burnett Student. The commitment of a buddy includes:

1. Participation in two training sessions (to be announced)

2. Providing a welcoming phone call to your grade 8 buddy in the summer.

3. Participation in the grade 7 orientation in May.

4. Participation in the September grade 8 first day orientation.

5. Providing support for up to four students throughout the 2016-2017 school year.

6. Complete and report Log book.

Selected buddies may use the total hours toward a Burnett Service Award or your 30 hour work experience needed for graduation. Present Buddies must reapply to be considered for next year.

More information will be available during program planning on February 26th. Buddy Application 2017


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