The purpose of Challenge is to acknowledge learning outcomes which students have done in other settings and which correspond to the learning outcomes in the provincial curriculum. A successful Challenge results in a student receiving credit for the appropriate content and a mark, which is recorded on the student’s graduation transcript.

Challenge consists of registration, evaluation, and examination. Cost to register for the exam is $50 and this is refunded when the student writes the exam ($155 for international Students non refundable). Students may challenge a course only once. At this point, registration takes place in October and exams are written in late January.

Completed student applications are due back at Burnett by Friday, October 30th, 2015. Applications may be downloaded here.

The following Grade 11 and 12 language courses may be challenged for credit:

French 11               German 11

Japanese 11          Korean 11

Punjabi 11              Spanish 11

Mandarin 11 (Traditional or Simplified)

French 12               German 12

Japanese 12          Korean 12

Punjabi 12              Spanish 12

Mandarin 12 (Traditional or Simplified)

NOTE: While a challenged course will satisfy a second language requirement for university, it MAY NOT be used as one of the four courses needed for admission at some post secondary institutions For more information, please contact your school counsellor.


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